4 Tips To Keep In Mind When Putting Your Car Up For Sale

Selling a car is a process that continuously needs involvement and commitment but it is not complicated as long as you keep yourself organized and follow some of the steps mentioned below. This will eventually help you sell your vehicle with confidence and ease.

Price evaluation

First and foremost, it is important to evaluate the worth of the car or vehicle you are trying to sell. Whether they are your typical cars or armored vehicles, in order to sell it to another person you must find out the market value for it so that people will be willing to pay for the asking price. You must remove any money for anything that is wrong with your vehicle while adding money for any premium features or add-ons that may be desired by the customer; such as new tires. Keep in mind the mileage of the car as well since most cars that have a high mileage tend to cost lower than ones with lesser miles driven.

Preparing the car

Unlike high end luxury vehicles or armored cars that will need to be detailed and washed by professionals, a typical car can be prepared for sale by you. Start by removing any personal items from the car and then vacuum the interiors thoroughly to clean out and dust and dirt. The exterior can be washed, waxed and shined on by using various glossing products and cleaners. Cleaning out the bumpers, tires are all essentials areas in making your car look saleable and presentable.

Marketing your car

The next step is to market your car; this can be done by making use of several methods. You can simply display a “For Sale” board on the rear or front windows of the car with a phone number so that people can see it while driving or simply parking it in a public area will draw attention. The next most popular method is to advertise it on various online sites such as Craigslist. These advertisements are usually posted for free and can include the features of the car and photos. So make sure that the photos taken are in good angles, highlighting the best features of the car. Similarly, you can advertise in the local newspapers as well.


While it is important to keep the details and the condition of your car transparent at all times, it will be useful to keep the price considerably high. This is so that when the customer haggles and negotiates the price, you are able to bring the price down to a comfortable price that best suits both you and the customer.