Common Sun Screening Problems

Sun screen is something we all use and especially so in the tropics. The use of it is almost mandatory in the outdoors in order to maintain skin from drying out and peeling off. However, there are those basic problems we all face before becoming a pro sun screen applier. There are also other ways in which we can protect our bodies than simply using a sunscreen lotion. Here are a few such questions and problems which have been answered for you.

When and How Much to Apply

There is a rule commonly followed as 30-20-2-1. 30 being the SPF number, 20 meaning the time in which it takes to sink in, 2 and number of hours before you need to wait before reapplying and 1 the number of ounces you need to coat your body with. Following these few basic steps will help you get a basic idea on how much and when to put sun screen.

Sun Protection after Skin Cancer

Survivors of skin cancer are at a higher risk of developing another skin cancer than others as they have already accumulated UV damage which could possibly spring up another. This area of skin is known as the field damage and needs to be carefully treated. It is essential for such persons to go on frequent checkups and have permanent shading devices such as window films at home to keep out the harmful rays.

The types of sun screen also needs to be checked and approved by your dermatologist to ensure it is strong enough. If you send long hours in the vehicle or moving from one place to the other, make sure to get a car tinting in place for added protection.

Eating Healthy

Red fruits and vegetables have a pigment which prevents UV damage and the same can be said for the yellow and orange fruits. These vegetables and fruits help repair damage from inside the skin and is an added benefit in keeping skin looking young and healthy. Make sure to be frequently hydrated and drink lots of liquids during outdoor activities. Studies and research is being conducted by certain companies on the development of a sun pill which would help protect the skin from harmful rays and repair skin damage. However, these are only added advantages and does not cancel off the use of a good strong SPF sunscreen.

Stinging Eyes

Some would have noticed that your eyes tend to sting while applying as well as after during a workout due to sunscreen. This is mainly due to certain chemicals in the mixture and using more natural sunscreens such as those with a mineral base and is waterproof will help remove this problem.