Finding Out You Can’t Have Kids

Finding out that you are unable to have kids could be harsh news for a couple to find out. Fortunately in some cases that aren’t too severe, there are alternatives that could either fix the problem in your reproductive system, or even allow you to have a child of your own. Here are some things you may try.

Psychiatric remedy

One possible cause that could prevent you from having kids is erectile dysfunctions in men. This is a condition where the male partner cannot become erect, thereby not hindering insertion into the vagina. This could be caused due to various different reasons, where some of them are purely psychological. Some of these causes could be stress and anxiety. Getting psychiatric treatment for such cases could help fix this problem and allow you to have kids again.


If the problem happens to be with one of the male reproductive organs not functioning correctly, or some glands not secreting the necessary fluid, or even blockages in the reproductive tract, then you might want to consider undergoing a surgery for male infertility treatment. There are plenty of surgical procedures that are available presently, and your doctor would recommend which one you should undergo. Some of these procedures are hydrocelectomy, vasectomy reversal, micro-varicocelectomy and testicular mapping. Bear in mind however that these surgeries might not be cheap, but ultimately it will more than likely be worth it since you will be able to have kids again.

In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF in UAE is a procedure that allows a woman to become pregnant even if she is found to be infertile. The IVF pregnancy procedure involves extracting an egg or a few eggs from the woman and then fertilizing the egg with a sperm sample from the husband. The fertilization process is carried out in an incubator. After careful observation and if there is a healthy embryo formed, this is then reinserted in through the vagina back into the uterus thereby making the woman pregnant.


If you tried all of the possible rectification procedures to no avail and the doctors deem your condition to be untreatable, there is always the option of adopting kids. There are plenty of adoption agencies all around that allow you to adopt children of all ages. If you don’t want babies in particular, you can still adopt young children and thereby allowing you to still raise a family.

Therefore, finding out you are infertile, isn’t the end of the world. With rapid advancements in medical technology, there may be newer solutions coming out every year.