Most often, it becomes the guy’s duty to plan the proposal, when he knows the time is up and it’s time to start living the women of his dreams. Many men are stressed over the fact that, they have to plan the proposal, but every man wants it to be the best proposal of all times, so that the love of his life, will never ever forget the moment, he asked her to be his.

So planning the proposal well ahead of time is important, to make sure it’s the perfect. Not having a plan and going with the flow, would never work. Pre planning it, without the knowledge of your girlfriend is not always the easiest task, but men pull it off. When planning begins, from choosing the ring to the venue, the ambiance to create, the flowers to get, planning for the proposal photoshoot to ordering the champagne and the food, all is in the hands of the guy. Here are some of the main things, you need to pre plan.

The venue

Other than choosing the ring, choosing the venue becomes the utmost important element. You want it to be a unique space as well as a space that the significant other would love to be proposed at. When choosing the venue, consider what your girlfriend loves, whether it be a beach, the wilderness, a public space, a cruise ship or whether it be simply your home space. Accordingly choosing your venue becomes important. It is very difficult to plan other details, without having your venue selected. When you know what your venue is, it is best to have the place reserved, to avoid any disturbances and that the place is dedicated for you and your wife to be.

The photographer

One of the next most important things that come after the venue is, hiring a photographer to capture your proposal moment and the wedding pictures after. Professional engagement photos, are what becomes the memories of the moment, because at the end of the day it is all a surprise and the moments last for few minutes. But with having a photographer to capture your engagement moment, in the best of possible ways, cannot disappoint you in the future. So once you know your venue, hire someone who can perfectly capture the moment and provide you with the best engagement shoot after.

The ambiance

The venue itself sets the ambiance at times, but every guy wants to add, so that the moment is romantic and extra special. Candles to go with, fairy lights to light the place, roses laid all over the space and adding a touch of music, sets the perfect ambiance for any proposal. It is best to be wise, when choosing colors to go with the ambiance, to pick some of the girl’s favorite colors and favorite music to spark the moment. Setting the perfect ambiance can’t go wrong, with the perfect proposal.