List Of Well-Paid And Respected Professions

There are many well paid and respected professions. In the modern era many professions are specialized and there are many options to choose from. Here is a list of well-paid and respected professions.


Anesthesiologists have become an increasingly important role. They administer tailor made drugs before the patient goes into surgery and keep the patient comfortable. Anesthesiologists stay by the patients’ side during the surgery.

To become an anesthesiologist you need to complete a four year anesthesiologist residency after medical school. It is a prestigious and respected position and is one of the highest paying professions in the world.


A surgeon is a doctor who performs operations. There are many types of surgery and surgeons specialize on a particular type of surgery. Some of the surgeries are cardiac surgery, transplant surgery, vascular surgery, neurological surgery, plastic surgery etc. To become a surgeon you have to complete medical school and attend a surgical residency program with duration of 4 to 8 years.

Marketing manager

Marketing managers handle quite a few tasks. They could handle strategic planning and effective marketing to hiring. They are the ones that advertise the product and generate sales. A business success depends on its marketing therefore these individuals are compensated form their efforts.


Dentists are doctors who primarily work with our teeth and mouth. It is one of the oldest professions. There is evidence that there have been dental procedures from over 9000 years back. There are many kinds of dentists.

General dentists

General dentists handle teeth care, extraction, teeth whitening and more. They provide a wide array of services compared to the specialized dentists.


Orthodontist specializes in fixing crooked, overcrowded teeth and setting up braces. This means they alter our facial structure and give us a better smile.


Peridontists specialize in the gums. They treat gum disease and perform surgeries relating to the gums.


When you take your children to the dentist you take them to a pediatric dentist, as they specialize in infants and children up to the age of 18 to 21.


They specialize in therapy and procedures involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth. They can replant teeth that are knocked out of their sockets.

Therefore dentists are high paying and respected profession. Since there are different specializations, some specializations are paid more than others.

Software developers

There are many software developing companies that on the list of most valuable companies, namely Google, Apple and Microsoft. Software sales generate a high amount of revenue. There are all kinds of different software and each does a specific or multiple tasks and makes our lives easier.


Lawyers should be committed individuals and need to pass the bar to become a lawyer. There are many different types of lawyers such as corporate lawyers, mergers and acquisition lawyers, civil litigation lawyers, intellectual property lawyers and more. Law is a broad subject and lawyers require long working hours.

These are a few examples of high paid jobs. All of them require commitment and hard work and but are highly respected and well paid.