Some Oral Hygiene Tips You Can Follow

Maintaining good oral hygiene is important to maintain confidence when you talk to others and also for your health. Here are some tips that you can follow to ensure that your teeth stay consistently clean.

Replace your toothbrush regularly

It is important that you regularly replace your toothbrush, as it could eventually end up getting dirty as it is used on a daily basis. Ideally, you would want to replace your toothbrush every three months or when you notice the bristles start to become wilted. If you are keeping your brush in a shared toilet with other toothbrushes, make sure that you stick to a particular colour to avoid having trouble identifying your toothbrush.

Get your cavities filled

If you are having any signs of paint that you get, or if you feel some sensitivity when you are having hot or cold items, you might want to have it checked by an orthodontist. Remember to try not to prolong the check-up as the longer you let the cavity remain, the less chance you will have of having it filled and therefore will have to resort to having it extracted. Alternatively, it is better to schedule regular check-ups with your dentist, who will be able to identify cavities even before they may be visible to the naked eye thereby eliminating the need for a filling altogether.

Have your teeth polished

You may want to perform teeth whitening if you feel your teeth are starting to look yellowish in colour or have permanent stains on them. Although it is an effective way of having them looking clean and polished, try not to undergo the treatment too frequently as it would wear away the enamel if done on a regular basis. You can either get this done at your dentist or purchase Dubai teeth whitening strips that effectively remove stains over time.

Lay off the cigarettes

Smoking is one of the more common causes of bad breath and yellow stains on teeth. Cigarettes contain tar, which tends to build up on teeth and can cause damage to your gums and teeth after prolonged exposure. Another similar form of having tobacco, which is through betel leaves, may be even worse on your teeth as it causes tooth discolouration and also can damage your gums. If you are addicted to cigarettes, try to at least reduce your consumption or switch to having cigarettes with less tar. This could make a significant difference on your oral hygiene.

These are some of the ways that you can look after your oral hygiene.