Spending Quality Time With Your Children

Spending quality time with your family especially with your children is vital. In the past, it was a family tradition to have a meal together at the end of the day every day however today things have changed significantly for a number of reasons. You will find that parents and children rarely have the chance to spend time together and whenever they do, they do not enjoy each other’s company because there are usually about a hundred other things that they would both individually rather be doing. One main reason for this is that both parents in the family are forced to work full time jobs due to the high cost of living which means that both parents will work long tiresome hours every day, spend hours in office rush traffic and will return home late, too tired to spend time with their children. Similarly the advancement of technology has caused many parents and children alike to spend hours locked up in their own rooms playing games, watching movies and simply surfing the internet for hours on their smartphones.

Take activities together

It is vital that parents take time off to spend time with their children. At first these children may not be too keen on doing so however, it is vital that they do anyway and they will eventually come to enjoy this time out in the open away from their computers. It would be a fun idea to take drama classes with your child or to simply go out sightseeing, taking pictures and making memories.

Dance classes are a great bonding activity that is both fun and also gives you and your child the exercise that you need and no doubt lack due to long hours of work. Taking a bi weekly class with your child could save you trips to the gym as well as a lot of money in gym memberships too. Your child will also get the exercise that he or she needs for his or her growing body.

Strangers on the internet

Even in the case when the parent makes an effort to spend time with their children, the children would rather just spend time on their phones or computers playing games with strangers from around the world which too is a very dangerous thing. There are many child predators on the internet that take advantage of the excessive time that children spend on their computers and phones in addition to the lack of time children spend with their children to try to lure and befriend children under false pretext.